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Your Newspaper is Safe to Touch

The printing process ensures minimal contact with newspaper copies

Local news is always important, but as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, the news has taken on an even more important role. With that role, it’s also important for readers to know that their newspapers are safe to touch.

Mike Hjort, production manager at Ladysmith Press said that the printing process ensures the security of newspapers. Ladysmith Press is responsible for printing nearly all of the weekly newspapers on Vancouver Island.

“We’re barely touching the papers as they run,” Hjort said. “When it comes through all the machinery, we have a guy that picks the bundles up and puts them on a skid. He wears gloves when he does it.”

When press workers check a paper for print quality, they grab one copy, read through it, then throw it away, so that copy does not end up in the hands of another reader.

The nature of working on a press is conducive to social distancing even in times without virus concerns. Hjort also said that press workers must stay home if they are sick.

After the papers leave the press, they head to the mailroom. Mailroom workers wear gloves while handling the papers.

As for paper carriers, who are the frontline representatives for delivering newspapers in their communities, they have been encouraged to wear gloves, wash their hands regularly, and refrain from touching door handles and mailboxes. Carriers and drivers are also following precautionary measures of social distancing and limiting social interaction.

“Everyone is thinking safety, not only for us but for the customer,” Hjort said. “If we were worried about any of our employees getting sick we wouldn’t let them be here.”

Source: Ladysmith Chronicle

COVID-19 Recommendations: Helping Businesses

As you know, coronavirus or Covid-19, is presenting a significant issue for customers and patrons to feel safe venturing from their home or carrying on daily activities. Because of this, it is creating an unstable and unsustainable challenge for businesses.

We have developed the following initiatives to help re-assure our customers. We also want to encourage our customers when they can to support local.

For further updates on business’ closures, and alternative shopping hours or shopping options.

Our businesses have a commitment to a clean and safer shop:

  • Clean surfaces regularly with anti-bacterial cleaner multiple times per day, door knobs, card machines counters etc.
  • Employees to clean hands regularly, washing their hands frequently.
  • Social distancing.
  • Please do not bring in reusable bags.
  • Shop smarter: provide alternative purchasing methods – if you are interested in a particular product from one of our merchants, please call them to see if there is an alternative purchasing method they can offer.
  • We want to remind our customers to self-isolate if they are not well.

Stay safe.