Mini World Cup

Mini World Cup 2018 – May 5/6

The Mini World Cup 2018 is coming to Ladysmith!

On Saturday and Sunday, May 5th and 6th, thousands of kids (and their families) will descend on Ladysmith and play a weekend of soccer at various locations around town. There will be approx 1,000 players/100 teams participating in MWC 2018.

Mini World Cup

As well as camping at Transfer Beach, the Ladysmith Eagles will again be hosting a Spaghetti Dinner on the Saturday night and a Pancake Breakfast on the Sunday morning.

The MWC Committee will be preparing team bags/packages for each participating team. They would love to include any extra swag or discount type coupons from all our local community businesses that will appeal to these soccer players/families attending.

Any contribution and support Ladysmith businesses can provide to make this event even more successful is greatly appreciated.

Last time they hosted in 2012, they had bottles of water donated for players from local businesses, among other donations. Any interested businesses should get in touch with ideas and suggestions as to how they can positively support and contribute. Without question, the event organizers will proudly display their company logo/banner at their venue showing their positive support.

MWC will definitely bring in a lot of visitors to our community over the weekend. This is such a positive sport tourism hospitality opportunity for Ladysmith and a great opportunity to showcase our beautiful community and what our local businesses offer and provide.

Everyone on the Island still says Ladysmith MWC 2012 was the BEST Mini World Cup so far! They want to keep that reputation going with MWC 2018!!

General enquiries, email mwc2018 [at] yahoo [dot] com.