2020 Calendar of Events

We are listing some of the main events in town for 2019 that businesses can plan for and around.


  • 16th @ 5:30 pm: Membership meeting @ Fox & Hounds


  • 20th: Membership meeting


  • 19th @ 5:30 pm: AGM


  • 16th: Membership meeting


  • 21st: Membership meeting


  • 18th: Membership meeting


  • 16th: Membership meeting


  • No membership meeting
  • 22nd: Light up the Night
  • 23rd: Arts on the Avenue


  • 17th: Membership meeting


  • 15th: Membership meeting

November (no membership meeting)

  • 26th: Light Up kicks off Festival of Lights

December (no membership meeting)

  • 4th @ 5pm: Old Time Christmas
  • 11th: Friday Late Night Shopping I
  • 18th: Friday Late Night Shopping II

Help with COVID-19 from LDCU and Community Futures

“Interesting Times”

From Community Futures

We wanted to send out a message summarizing some of the programs and changes that have been announced by the Federal Government over the past few days relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope that this will allow you to see some of the initiatives that have been released that have a direct effect on you personally or your business. There have been so many announcements it is difficult to keep track of them all and whether or not they are relevant so I will try to provide some clarity. If you have questions please reach out via email.

Small Business BC

Personal Tax Measures

  • The personal tax filing deadline is now June 1 (normally April 30)
  • The personal tax filing deadline for self-employed individuals remains at June 15 as of the current moment
  • If you owe personal taxes for 2019, they are not due until August 31 (normally April 30)
  • If you are required to make a personal tax instalment on June 15, 2020, the due date for that has been extended to August 31.

Corporate Tax Measures

  • Any balances ordinarily due after March 18, 2020 can be deferred to August 31, 2020 without interest. This includes income tax instalment payments. If your business makes monthly instalments you can make the decision to defer those payments in order to conserve cash in the short run. Please remember – this is only a deferral, they are not waiving the fact that the instalments have to be paid – the government will want the instalments in full by August 31 or they will charge interest if you owe corporate tax at the end of the year.
  • Corporate tax filing deadlines are currently unchanged – 6 months after the corporation’s year-end

Business Credit Facility Program

  • The government has put resources into credit facility programs operated through Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). This includes working capital loans. The initial application can be done online, and is meant to provide quick access to capital to keep your business operating. The link is below for more information. Please reach out for assistance if you have any questions with regard to the application process, or its purpose.

See BDC Financing »

Other EI Measures

There are many other measures in place for EI benefits as well for those individuals or their families who may be directly affected by a COVID-19 illness or school closure as well as reduced waiting periods. Although these would not provide direct financial benefit to employers their availability is meant to reduce stress on employees that are so vital to the success of our operations.

We are here to stand with everyone during these uncertain times. Please do not hesitate to email with specific questions that you feel we may be able to help with or simply to talk through issues. Our offices may be temporarily closed but our team is continuing to work from home with the goal of providing the same service levels you are accustomed to. Our team look forward to helping each other through this situation.

Wishing you all the very best through this difficult time.

Your team at CFCI
Jolynn, Kelly and Brenda

Kelly McBride | Business Development & Credit Office
W 250.591.7499

Community Futures Central Island
#14 – 327 Prideaux Street, Nanaimo, BC V9R 2N4


COVID-19 Recommendations: Helping Businesses

As you know, coronavirus or Covid-19, is presenting a significant issue for customers and patrons to feel safe venturing from their home or carrying on daily activities. Because of this, it is creating an unstable and unsustainable challenge for businesses.

We have developed the following initiatives to help re-assure our customers. We also want to encourage our customers when they can to support local.

For further updates on business’ closures, and alternative shopping hours or shopping options.

Our businesses have a commitment to a clean and safer shop:

  • Clean surfaces regularly with anti-bacterial cleaner multiple times per day, door knobs, card machines counters etc.
  • Employees to clean hands regularly, washing their hands frequently.
  • Social distancing.
  • Please do not bring in reusable bags.
  • Shop smarter: provide alternative purchasing methods – if you are interested in a particular product from one of our merchants, please call them to see if there is an alternative purchasing method they can offer.
  • We want to remind our customers to self-isolate if they are not well.

Stay safe.

AGM Postponed

The AGM is being postponed currently at this time until further notice.

When we can set a new date, the location will be In The BeanTime, 18 High Street in downtown Ladysmith.

Appies will be provided and a no host bar.

Guest speakers:

  • Mayor Aaron Stone : update on the Town’s projects
  • Barry O’Riordan : Economic Development Cowichan Regional District
  • Jill Nessel : Cowichan Tourism

Everyone who attends will need to be a paid-up member for 2020.

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