Parking in Ladysmith – Update

April 2023: We met with the Town to discuss the ongoing issue of parking. They are working to increase the budget for bylaw enforcement. Reminder to all business owners to please not park in front of your, or other businesses, as a joint effort to reduce the congestion downtown. We are working on a parking promotion to remind the locals of parking etiquette.

We want to make sure that you and your customers have easy access to and know about free downtown parking options.

We would like to ask that all business people, owners and employees please park in the designated parking lots and not on First Avenue and side streets.

We must ensure that there is available parking adjacent to the businesses where customers are shopping and doing business.

Ease of parking is directly related to customer traffic in our stores and businesses, the more easily a customer finds a parking spot near their intended destination, the more likely they are to patronize that business. And we can always use happier customers and more business!